Sermons 2013

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Festival Theme Preacher Play
Holy Family 2013 Asylum Seekers SPR Play
Midnight Mass 2013 SPR Play
Advent 4 Our Blessed Lady SPR Play
There’s something about Mary DC Play
Advent 2 Look Busy SPR Play
Advent 3 What was the question again? SPR Play
Advent Sunday Stewardship SPR Play
Voice in the wilderness SPR Play
How much does it cost to follow God? DC Play
Christ the King SPR Play
Ordinary 33 Living Stones SPR Play
Ordinary 30 Are you prepared for the end of the race? DC Play
All Saints 2013 Preached at S. Mary’s Walsingham SPR Play
Ordinary 28 Be Thankful SPR Play
What is YOUR Gospel DC Play
Ordinary 27 Lord, Increase our faith SPR Play
Are we prepared to be SERVANTS of Christ DC Play
 Ordinary 25 All we have comes from God DC Play
 Ordinary 23 Do I choose ME or do I choose Christ DC Play
Heaven is like… SPR Play
What’s your place in church? DC Play
Stand Up SPR Play
Journeying out in faith SPR Play
What I did on my Pilgrimage… SPR Play
Death is a part of life SPR Play
Call it an altar or a table, we still need to gather DC Play
Breaking Boundaries SPR Play
Admission to Holy Communion – eat & drink of him SPR Play
Preaching mightily against “The Father turns his face away” – an impromptu bible study SPR Play
Your Mission… SPR Play
Food for the journey SPR Play
Fire from heaven SPR Play
Still small voice SPR Play
Loving and caring: the cost of being human DC Play
Forgiveness (All Age Holy Communion) SPR Play
Death is a part of life SPR Play
 Ordinary 10 Noah’s Ark – True or False DC Play
Does God really care for ME DC Play
 Ordinary 14 Gathering the Harvest DC Play
 Ordinary 16 Mary and Martha – Chalk and Cheese DC Play
 Ordinary 17 Understanding how sin breaks God’s heart DC Play

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