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Hear the word of the Lord preached from the parishes of Bickleigh and Shaugh Prior. This archive contains recordings of what was said. Often the text of the sermon may be found on although what is written and what is preached often changes!

All work here is placed here for your use: borrow what you need, share with others and spread the Gospel! There is no copyright claimed on these recordings.

Festival Theme Preacher Play
Advent 4 Our Lady (preached at S. Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh SPR
Our Lady (preached at S. Edward, Shaugh Prior SPR
Advent 3 Gaudete SPR
Advent Sunday 2014 Run to the light SPR
Christ the King 2014 His throne was the Cross, his crown was of thorns, his glory in his sacrifice SPR

Link to the poem by Brian McLaren quoted in this homily

Ordinary 33 Not playing that game (preached at S. Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh) SPR
Not playing that game (preached at S. Edward, Shaugh Prior) SPR
Low Mass: Weds of Ordinary 29 Jesus is coming – Look Busy SPR
Ordinary 28 Invited (preached at S. Edward, Shaugh Prior) SPR
Invited (preached at S. Mary the Virgin) SPR
Ordinary 27 Purgatory – teaching in response to a question, rather than a pre-planned homily. S. Cecilia’s SPR
Nothing can put you beyond God’s love SPR
Therese of the Child Jesus (of Liseaux) Low Mass, 1st Oct 2014 Grow Up SPR
Ordinary 26 Drought (preached at S. Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh) SPR
Marc Chagall

Moses Striking the Rock by Marc Chagall as illustrated in both sermons for Ordinary 26, 2014

Drought (preached at S. Edward’s Shaugh Prior) SPR
Harvest Festival Evensong Foodbanks (also with Benediction Prayers) SPR
Harvest Festival 2014 The Harvest of People SPR
Triumph of the Cross Look to the Cross SPR
The price was paid on the Cross DC
S. Barthomolew Sainthood SPR
Come and see what I see DC
Ordinary 23 Dont moan about it – use your gifts to help DC
Ordinary 20 I don’t have enough faith SPR
Ordinary 19 Storms and ISIS SPR

Ordinary 14 What do they want? SPR

What kind of soil do you WANT to be? DC
Ordinary 13 So upon WHICH rock is the church built? DC
Ordinary 12 Why NOT be afraid DC
Holy Trinity Come and join the Dance SPR Resources

Pentecost Do we do anything to make people notice? DC
Easter 4 Following the Shepherd DC
Easter 6 Just believing in something is not enough DC
Easter 3 A Liturgy of Two Halves SPR
Three Steps to Heaven DC
Footprints SPR
Easter 2 My Lord and My God SPR
Easter Day 2014 I haven’t the foggiest idea about the Resurrection SPR
Don’t water down the Truth DC
Easter Vigil 2014 He is Risen SPR
Palm Sunday 2014 Cry Hosanna SPR
Lent 5 Dem Bones Dem Bones DC
Come out into the light SPR

Lent 3 Thirst SPR

Giving time is worth more than feuds or history DC
Lent 2 (Marriage Weekend) Marriage DC

Ash Weds Sin SPR
Ordinary 6 Law, Sex, Abominations and the whole Gay thing SPR
Candlemas 2014 Light in the Darkness SPR

Epiphany 2 Lamb of God SPR
Epiphany SPR
Wise people still seek Jesus DC
Baptism of Christ You are my child – I love you DC

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