Sermons 2016

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Hear the word of the Lord preached from the parishes of Bickleigh and Shaugh Prior. This archive contains recordings of what was said. Often the text of the sermon may be found on although what is written and what is preached often changes!

All work here is placed here for your use: borrow what you need, share with others and spread the Gospel! There is no copyright claimed on these recordings.

Christ the King 2016

S. Edward King & Martyr

S. Mary the Virgin, Bickleigh

Ordinary 24 2016 Lost and Found

Ordinary 23 2016 What on earth are you doing here?

Ordinary 22 2016 On the licensing of Tracey

Visual Intercessions for Tracey-Jane Anderson’s Licensing as Pioneer Reader

Ordinary 21 2016 Are you saved?

Ordinary 20 2016 Run the Race

Ordinary 19 2016 Rapture Mercy and Walsingham

Ordinary 14 2016 Use words only if you have to…

Ordinary 11 2016 Amazing Grace

Ordinary 10 2016 Death

Corpus Christi 2016

Holy Trinity 2016

Easter 2 2016 Enter into the Resurrection

Lent 5 – Beware

Lent 1 2016 “I can resist anything… except temptation”

Ash Wednesday 2016

Candlemas 2016 Lights of the World

Ordinary 3 Jubilee

Ordinary 2 Wedding at Cana

Epiphany 2016 Gifts

Holy Family 2016 Finding in the Temple

Advent 3 Rejoice the Lord is near (and why a Rose Candle)

Advent 2 Prophets and Prayer